Bodybuilding Quotes:

Foreword by Arnold Schwarzanegger

As you know, bodybuilding has been a passion and a path to my success. David has captured the essence of the sport and at the same time redefined it in a spectacular fashion in this book. Raw power transformed to art – I love it.

Good work, David.

excerpts from the book:

Christian Boeving’s intro about David Paul:

“I have known David Paul for over a decade, and thirty plus photo shoots. David is a true creative genius in many mediums – musically, verbally, and in this case visually. In all of my photo shoots with David we always pushed the limits and boundaries of the images as they became life through the lense of his camera. A single shot telling an entire story, the background just as important as the foreground. I consider myself lucky to have had the many opportunities to work with and create such memorable images throughout these years with David Paul. Luckier still, that through all of this, a kindship has been forged between this Barbarian brother and I…”

about Jay Cutler:

“Jay Cutler, was the reigning Mr. Olympia at the time. He had the most powerful physique and was the most popular bodybuilder. Jay was someone I wanted to shoot for a long time. We didn’t know each other, but we knew of each other. He was always signed witha company or magazine which made him unapproachable. I got lucky and in between negotiations I was able to get a hold of him. jay was in a league of his own, and I just wanted to have a piece of history. I wanted to create and deliver something much different thatn he had ever done in his past photo shoots. I rented a wrecking crane, which metaphorically represented Jay…”

about Mike O’Hearn:

“Mike was always signed with Joe Weider, but we still wanted to shoot together. He trained really hard, and I respected that. To be honest, I never liked his photos. his body looked great, but the shots looked too sterile and stiff to me which wasn’t his fault. I knew that I could capture him the way he wanted to see himself. I knew he was frustrated with his other picture, and I knew the look he wanted, but couldn’t explain it. I wanted him to look rugged, sensitive, strong, confident, and vulnerable Capturing a romantic, masculine, somewhat gritty, not so perfect image…”

about Lee Priest:

“Lee was the most humble pro bodybuilder and most approachable, that’s why he had the biggest fan base. He also understood he artistic expression of the sport and that is where we connected. Lee loved all aspects of bodybuilding from training to eating, (and let me tell you … no one pounded food like lee). Whether we had to drive two hours to a great location, or he had to be body painted for four hours to look like Superman, Lee was up for it. What I do as an artist requires a willing canvas, I can’t do it alone…”

about Flex Wheeler:

“I was excited to shoot flex. He had the best physique in the sport of Bodybuilding; he knew it and so did everyone else. I went all out on this shoot. I knew this opportunity may never present itself again. I had the idea for a long time and was saving it for Flex. I rented a grand piano for the day and hauled it out to the desert, it was all about the art. I called this shoot “Ebony and Ivory”. I used my friend, Heather Feather and my attorney’s daughter, who had just come off a job from the Guess runway…”

about Allen Sarkiszadeh:

“Allen is a bodybuilder who loves art and is always eager and willing to go the distance. He’s one of those guy’s that never really gets out of shape. We did a shoot once on the top of an elecen-story building in Hollywood. Once I find the negative, I’ll put it in Volume II. Tracy is the girl in this shoot, I ran into her boyfriend at Gold’s Gym. He said he and Tracy were fans of my work, and explained that she was a trainer in amazing shape, and asked if I’d shoot her. When Tracy called me she was extremely enthusiastic and I could tell she had great energy, she understood art and was willing to try anything…”

about Rico McClinton:

“Rico was Flex Wheeler’s training partner and friend. I used to say to Rico “get in the best physical shape you can and I’ll do a photo shoot with you”. Rico is a really good guy, with a great heart. When Rico was physically ready to do the shoot he happened to be on a spiritual path that I respected. I knew I could capture this spirituality within the photo shoot. When we were planning the shoot, I told him that I envisioned him in a past life as a slave and maybe even a soldier in the Civil War fighting to free the slaves. That became the concept of our pictorial…”

about Beauford:

“I only shot Beauford once. I ran into him at Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA – my infamous stomping grounds. Immediately, I pictured him as a big ol’ country boy from Louisiana. I introduced myself and asked him if he had any children. He told me he did have a baby and he was already very familiar with my photography. I asked if I could shoot him with his daughter. I explained that I liked his look and had an idea to shoot him like a down home, good ol’ country boy, eating a bowl of gumbo. He laughed and said he was up for it….”

about Shaba:

“I met Shaba at Gold’s Gym and we became friends. He told me that he wanted to get in really great shape and take some unique pictures. I told him we could shoot a cool African theme and that I would provide all the props for the shoot. This was another one of those magic adventures that just clicked. I stopped at a couple of cool locations and then, this guy shows up out of the blue in this old Army Jeep with two dogs…”

about Gunter Schlierkamp:

“Joe Weider called me and said there was a bodybuilder coming in from Germany and asked if I would shoot him. Joe had previously reviewed my portfolio, liked what he saw and decided to take a chance on me. Gunter became my first bodybuilding shoot. I met Gunter at Gold’s Gym, with his wife. We got along right away. When he agreed to do the shoot, I told him it would be fun and easy and that he probably wouldn’t even have to pose…”

about Quincy Taylor:

“Quincy ‘my main man’ a great guy, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. We always had a blast and he was up for anything. We snuck into buildins, jumped fences that said ‘No Trespassing’ and climbed oil rigs just for the thrill of it. My manger Joanne, loved Quincy. Quincy was funny and always had a story. Joanne scouted the coolest locations. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Joanne. She was an amazing spirit, friend and important element of my work. Quincy and I snuck into the Alexandrea Hotel – I liked the fire escapes and old signs…”

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